"Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest."
- Dr. Seuss

Advertisement Project


Please view the follwowing commercials. After viewing each one, post a comment discussing:

1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.

2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.

3. suggestions for improvement.

4. a positive comment about the commercial.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pd. 3 - Old Spice


  1. This group advertised Old Spice well. It appealed to pathos through humor and appealed to people that may have been in a similar bullying situation. They however could have used more rhetorical appeals. Overall, this group did a great job! :)

  2. 1) I think the commecial advertised the product very well.
    2) This commercial appealed to pathos because it showed that if a person uses this product they will become stronger.
    3) This commercial could have been improved by incorporating other body sprays and showing why old spice is better.
    4) Overall I think it was a very good commercial. I liked the idea of the advertisement and thought it was humorous.

  3. -Shevins
    1. The group did a fairly good job in advertising the product Old Spice.
    2. The group appealed to pathos by making the claim that Old Spice will increase your strength and make you appear stronger. Additionally, the humor used in their ad provided another form of pathos.
    3. The only criticism I have is that they should have utilized more rhetorical appeals and clearly defined why their product is better than others.
    4. All in all the ad was very entertaining.

  4. 1. I think Old Spice was advertised well.
    2. They used the appeal of pathos to show that by using this product you will because stronger and tougher. They used it in a humorous way that was entertaining as well.
    3. This Old Spice commercial could best be improved if the group used more rhetorical devices and they distinguished between Old Spice and any other body spray.
    4. In general, the commercial was funny and was done well.

  5. 1. I think this commercial advertised the product well.
    2.They appealed to pathos by showing how without this product you will get bullied.
    3.They could have used more examples of why people should use Old Spice.
    4. They advertised the product very well and in a funny way.

  6. 1. I think the commercial advertised Old Spice very well.
    2. The group appealed to pathos because it was comedic and because it showed that you can be strong and powerful if you use it.
    3. The video was a little short and they could have went into more examples.
    4. I thought they advertised the product very well and used photoshop well when making it look like Greg had muscle.

  7. 1. I think the commercial advertised Old Spice well.
    2. The group appealed to pathos because it was funny and it showed that you can be powerful after using it.
    3. They could have used more appeals.
    4. I thought they advertised the product very well.

  8. 1. I think the product was advertised well in this commercial.
    2. The group appealed to pathos because people want to be stronger, more powerful, and able to protect themselves against bullies at school/work. Buying Old Spice is the way to accomplish all these things.
    3. I suggest using more rhetorical devices and making it clearer what you're advertising at the start of the commercial.
    4. The commercial was very funny and did an overall nice job of advertising the product.