"Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest."
- Dr. Seuss

Advertisement Project


Please view the follwowing commercials. After viewing each one, post a comment discussing:

1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.

2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.

3. suggestions for improvement.

4. a positive comment about the commercial.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pd. 3 - Snuggie


  1. 1. I think this commerical advertised the Snuggie really well.
    2. The commercial appealed to ethos beacuse Dr. Kommor proves to be a credible source when endorsing the product and one that can be trusted. It also appeals to pathos because with everything a person can do and still be warm...who wouldn't want a snuggie?!
    3. I suggest cutting down the segment of running up the stairs to keep hold of the viewer's attention even more.
    4. I really enjoyed this commercial. It was very funny and it really made me want a snuggie!

  2. 1. I think this commercial did a great job advertising the Snuggie.
    2. The commercial appealed to pathos because a snuggie keeps you warm and comfortable so everyone wants one. it also appeals to ethos because dr. kommor is a credible source assisting in advertising the snuggie.
    3. A suggestion is to cut down the part when Rachel is running up the stairs so that the viewer will hold their attention to the commercial better.
    4. This commercial was great and very funny.

  3. 1) I think the advertisement did a very good job promoting the product.
    2) This commercial appeals to ethos because Dr. Kommor is a credible source that approves snuggie and recommends snuggie. He also goes into detail as to why the product is useful and should be owned by everyone.
    3) To improve this commercial, I would suggest to minimize the segment of a person climbing up the stairs.
    4) I liked the commercial and thought it was interesting to add the magical fairy element to it.

  4. 1. This ad promoted the Snuggie in a very convincing and enjoyable manner.
    2. The ad utilizes ethos appeals through the use of Dr. Kommor as a supporter for their product so the information he gives about the Snuggie will be viewed as credible. Logos appeals are also made when Dr. Kommor states that the Snuggie has been proven to help the body maintain homeostasis. The commercial appeals to pathos as well when they say you can play basketball and be valedictorian in your Snuggie. This makes the audience associate the product with something that will enable them to be athletic and intelligent.
    3. During the segment where Rachel runs up the stairs, I would suggest ensuring that she doesn't appear out of breath so consumers don't associate the product with feelings of fatigue.
    4. I thought this commercial used a variety of appeals in an extremely effective way. Dr. Kommor's segment was especially informative and persuasive.

  5. 1. This ad did a great job in advertising the Snuggie due to it's very convincing manner.
    2. This commercial utilized logos appeals mainly because Dr. Kommor from the thermo-regulatory institute supported the positivities of the product through a biological standing point. In addition, there was ethos appeals in that a valedictorian was used to prove that even an intelligent person uses it therefore, making other people who purchase this product would enable them to feel smart as well.
    3. I would suggest shortening up the length of time that Rachel runs up the staircase.
    4. This commercial was very informative and I thought Dr. Kommor's speech was very persuasive and hilarous.

  6. 1. This ad advertised the Snuggie in a very persuading way.
    2. This commercial used ethos by having Dr. Kommor representing the credible source of persuading the use of the Snuggie. They also used the valedictorian as a representation of how highly used and relied on the Snuggie is. They made it seem like it was a vital product and it was necessary in everyday life with all of the statistics and examples.
    3. For improvement, I would suggest shortening the length of time Rachel ran up the stairs.
    4. Overall, this commercial was very persuading, humorous, and enjoyable. All of the effort shows that was put into making this and I thought they really did a good job.

  7. 1.I think the commercial advertised the product very well.
    2.They appealed to credibility with ethos.
    3.They could have made the time running up the stairs shorter.
    4.This video was very persuasive and used many appeals to get people to buy their product.

  8. 1- This commercial advertises the the snuggie very well.
    2- This appeals to ethos because they have presented a credible source, an "expert," to give his input about the snuggie.
    3- One thing this group can improve upon is cutting out some time on the section where she is running up the stairs.
    4- This cimmercial was very funny and was very effective at making the audience laugh.

  9. I think the commercial was very innovative

    2. They made it appeal to everyone, and they had the "expert" scientist appeal

    I think they could have added a little more detail

    It was very cute and innovative. I liked it!

  10. 1. The commercial advertised the product well.
    2. They appealed to ethos by having a doctor as an expert to provide credibility.
    3.They could have explained why the snuggie was useful in each situation they showed.
    4. Dr. Kommor's information about the snuggie was really in depth and made me actually think the snuggie was something I should buy.

  11. This product was advertised very well by the group. It appealed to ethos because Dr. Kommor is a crediblee biological source. The humor used throughtout the commercial appeals to pathos. They could have added more rhetorical advices (because unlike everyone else I thought the part when Rachel was running up the stairs was funny.) They did a great job! :)

  12. 1. This group did a great job advertising the Snuggie.
    2. The ad uses ethos through the use of Dr. Kommor as a supporter for their produc, making the information he gives us credible. The commercial appeals to pathos as well when they say you can "be valedictorian" as well as play basketball in your Snuggie.
    3. Add more detail and more situations where the Snuggie could be used!:)
    4. Dr. Kommor's segment was very informative, and the advertisment was funny as well:)