"Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest."
- Dr. Seuss

Advertisement Project


Please view the follwowing commercials. After viewing each one, post a comment discussing:

1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.

2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.

3. suggestions for improvement.

4. a positive comment about the commercial.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pd. 3 - Orbit Gum


  1. 1. I think the video advertised the product in an excellent way.
    2. This video appealed to ethos because it showed credibility with a doctor recommending orbit.
    3. For improvement, I suggest applying more persuasive appeals or making the commercial a little longer.
    4. I liked the orbit girl's voice in the commercial.

  2. 1.I think the commercial advertised the product very well.
    2.They appealed to emotion with pathos by showing what could happen if you don't use Orbit.
    3.They could have used more examples of why Orbit gum is good.
    4.This commercial was funny and made good arguments for their product.

  3. 1. I think this commercial was presented in such a funny and intelligent way.
    2. They appealed to emotion with pathos by demonstrating that if you do not chew Orbit gum, your breath will smell bad. They also referenced Romeo and Juliet in their commercial and changed the ending of the famous storyline.
    3. To improve the commercial, they could use more appeals or examples of how Orbit gum is beneficial.
    4. I really enjoyed this commercial. I thought it was very intelligent and funny.

  4. 1. The commerical was funny and advertised the product well.
    2. The commerical appealed to pathos because no one wants bad breath and Orbit Gum gets rid of that problem. It also appeals to ethos beacuse Dr. Mattes is a credible source and people trust him when he says Orbit gum is a good product.
    3. I think the commerical should be a little bit longer and should include more persuasive devices.
    4. The commerical was comical and the message to buy Orbit got across well.

  5. 1. The product was advertised effectively.
    2. Logos is used when a doctor is approving of the product at the beginning of the advertisement.
    3. More illustrations as to why Orbit gum is better than any other gum out there in the market could have been added.
    4. The advertisement was very unique.

  6. 1. The commerical comical and well advertised.
    2. The commerical appeals to ethos because they used Dr. Mattes as a credible source for the product. It also appeals to pathos because no one wants to have bad breath.
    3. I think the commerical should include why Orbit and not another type of gum because each brand of gum, one way or the other, uses "bad breath" as the fear into buying their product.
    4. Overall, the commerical was cute and funny, and i liked the Romeo and Juliet kind of reference.

  7. 1) The commercial was clever and advertised the product effectively.
    2)The allusion to Romeo and Juliet enforced the downsides of bad breath and how it can break up the most iconic couple in literary history. If they had used Orbit gum, that never would have happened.
    3)The audio was a bit hard to hear, so maybe fix that.
    4)Very clever commercial.

  8. 1. This commercial used a variety of appeals in order to effectively advertise Orbit gum.
    2. The ad appealed to logos by using statistics to tell the audience that 4 out of 5 people have "terrible smelling breath." The use of Dr. Mattes as the source of this information is an appeal to ethos because he is considered a credible source. The allusion to Romeo and Juliet also makes the audience think of this classic love relationship and how tragic it would be if it were ruined by foul smelling breath if it weren't for their product.
    3. I think Romeo and Juliet should have kissed at the end to show a full and happy ending. Of course, to appeal to pathos for the audience.
    4. The use of the classic Orbit slogan to apply to Romeo and Juliet was very creative.

  9. 1. The commercial was very effective in advertising Orbit gun.
    2. The ad appealed to ethos and logos by having "Dr. Mattes" deliver statistics from a credible source. It also appealed to pathos because no one wants to have bad breath. The allusion to Romeo and Juliet as the ideal relationship being broken up because of bad breath emphasized the importance of good breath.
    3. They could have said why Orbit is better than any other gum.
    4. I liked how Ariel used the classic Orbit slogan at the end.

  10. 1. I felt the advertisement did a great job in selling the product.
    2. The group used the allusion of Romeo and Juliet very well in its advertisement to further the appeal of Orbit Gum. Additionally they use ethos and the credibility of Dr. Mattes to give their product leverage in its benefits for users.
    3. At times it was difficult to hear voices because of the music.
    4. The allusion was very creative and a great way to advertise the product.

  11. 1. The product was done very well.
    2. Ethos was shown through the credibility of a doctor talking about how effective the gum is.
    3. The music was a tad overbearing.
    4. Everybody acted very well.

  12. 1) In my opinion, the product was advertised very well.
    2) An appeal of ethos was used by using credibility of Dr. Mattes. The allusion of Romeo and Juliet was also an effective way to advertise this product and attract customers.
    3) The commercial could have been improved by comapring Orbit gum brand to other leading brands and show why Orbit is better.
    4) I liked the commercial and thought that the Romeo and Juliet allusion was a good idea for this particular product.

  13. 1. The commercial advertised the product very well.
    2. It appealed to ethos by showing a doctor, and logos by using statistics. It also used an allusion by referring to Romeo and Juliet, which also implied some irony.
    3. The commercial could be improved by showing why Orbit gum is better than any other brand.
    4. It was a very funny and clever video and implement several good rhetoric strategies.

  14. 1. The group did a very good job with this commercial.
    2. The commercial applied to ethos, by using a doctor to enforce the product.
    3. They could have explained what makes Orbit so great.
    4. I think the concept and presentation was very well thought out.

  15. 1. The commercial did a good job of advertising the product.
    2. By using the credibility of a doctor, the commercial appealed to ethos. It also appealed to logos by delivering statistics about the product.
    3. I think that it may have been a good idea to use more than several examples to get the point across.
    4. I like the reference to Romeo and Juliet and the use of the Orbit slogan.

  16. 1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.
    the commercial was very good, it advertised the product well.

    2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.
    it does a good job with pathos using a doctor to sell the product.

    3. suggestions for improvement.
    another example of a "dirty" mouth would have been good and funny.

    4. a positive comment about the commercial.
    the dirty mouth examples were funny

  17. 1. I think the commercial was really good

    2. ethos-a science teacher has credibility
    pathos-nobody wants to be rejected while proposing

    3. maybe lower the music

    4. It was really funny

  18. 1. This commercial did exceedingly well on advertising this product.
    2. There was a strong indication of appeals to pathos because Dr. Mattes, a credible source, helped to support the effectiveness of Orbit gum. There was also a reference to the famous play, Romeo and Juliet, which showed that despite beauty, bad breath will even stop someone from loving the other person.
    3. Some improvements could've been lowering down the music just a slight bit and providing more information about Orbit gum.
    4. I thought that Juliet's statement was hysterical and and the advertisement was very clever.

  19. 1. I think this commercial worked well in advertising this product.
    2. It used ethos because it was doctor recommended and used pathos because the proposal appealed to the viewers emotions.
    3. I recommend making the beginning of the proposal louder because it was hard to hear.
    4. I thought the video was very entertaining and creative.

  20. 1- This product is advertised very well by this group.
    2-Since the product is doctor recommended it appeals to ethos.
    3- To improve this group should have come up with a new slogan so it seemed origional.
    4-This was a very entertaining commercial especially the tie-dye lab coat.

  21. 1- This group did a great job advertising this product.
    2-The doctors recommendation appeals to ethos.
    3-Lowering the music would have made this video easier to hear.
    4- Awesome Lab Coat