"Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest."
- Dr. Seuss

Advertisement Project


Please view the follwowing commercials. After viewing each one, post a comment discussing:

1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.

2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.

3. suggestions for improvement.

4. a positive comment about the commercial.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pd. 2 - Flip Video


  1. 1. I think this commercial advertised the flip video camera well because of all of the examples of people shown using or endorsing the camera.
    2. Pathos was established by the examples of capturing memories, like JJ proposing to Jen or Mr. A winning a million dollars. Ethos was established by Mr Harrington and Val as a Best Buy employee endorsing the camera.
    3. I don't think this needs improvement.
    4.I liked the logo used throughout the commercial.

  2. 1.) I think the commercial advertised the product really well. Not only did I understand after watching the commercial what exactly the Flip Video is and does, but I actually saw purpose in buying one.

    2.) By using both Mr. Harrington and a Best Buy employee in the commercial, the group appealed to ethos. One is a well respected figure in the school, and the other has credibility in selling the product. In addition, the group used repetition by saying "Just flip, click, and go". This catch phrase helps to sell the product by sticking in the consumer's head. All of the short clips appealed to pathos because the birthday, engagement, and million dollar winner all excite the viewer.

    3.) The group can add one more example of how it can be used. But I really don't think it needs improvement.

    4.) Who was that good-looking spokesperson at 26 seconds? Can anyone get me his number? No but really, very well planned everyone in this group, I thought it was both funny and informative.

  3. 1. This commercial was very good at advertising the flip camera. They showed how it worked and reasons to have one, which made it seem like a good product.

    2. Through repetition they emphasized how easy it was to use a flip camera. They established credibility by using Mr. Harrington and the Best Buy employee, and they appealed to the auidience's emotions with the life- changing moments being caputured.

    3. It doesn't seem like they would need to add anything to improve on, it was a good commercial.

    4. The group used a lot of different scenes which made it interesting and also creative.

  4. 1. This commercial did a very good job at advertising the flip video camera because of the many examples of people using the camera to capture memorable moments.

    2. The repetition of the phrase, "just flip, click, and go" showed the convenience of the product and made it memorable to me the viewer. Pathos was also used through the emotional events captured by the camera such as JJ proposing to Jen and Mr. A winning a million dollars.

    3. I think this commercial was very good, but it was somewhat hard to hear the part at the end because of all of the background noise.

    4. All of the different events shot by the camera were very interesting to watch and they did a great job to endorse the product.

  5. Shannen Gaffney

    1. This group advertised the flip video camera well, emphasizing its easy usage and the reasons why it is necessary to have one.

    2. This group appealed to pathos when JJ proposed to Jen, evoking emotions of happiness and excitement. They appealed to ethos when Principal Harrington endorses the camera. Repetition was also used when numerous people said "Flip, click, and go". This works because it reminds viewers how simple it is to use the camera.

    3. The price of the camera could have been mentioned to make the commercial more informative.

    4. This commercial was funny and creative.

  6. 1. This commercial advertised the flip video camera very well especially with all the examples they gave.
    2. The group evoked emotion with they showed the proposal and bithday party video clips. They also showed credibilty by refering to Mr. Harrington and a best buy employee. The repeition of "flip, click, and go" was also used, it's a catchy phrase that sticks with you.
    3. The commercial could be improved by having less noise in the backround of certain shots.
    4. The different scenes made the commercial creative.

  7. 1. Did a great job advertising the flip camera.

    2. The satire and emotions appealed to pathos beautifully.

    3. Add music!

    4. The real life applications were great!

  8. 1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.
    it did a good job advertising the simplicity of the product.

    2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.
    it uses pathos with the principal advertising teh product.

    3. suggestions for improvement.
    some music would make the video more fun and interesting.

    4. a positive comment about the commercial.
    i liked all the people advertising the product.

  9. 1. I think this commerical did a great job at showing the quality of a flip camera and the various things you can use it for.
    2. This group used ethos, pathos and repitition. The ethos they incorperated was with the parts that Mr. Harrington and the best buy employee credited the product and said they used it. The pathos was when JJ proposed to Jen, the birthday party and the $1,000,000 examples. That will make customers want to buy it so they can capture moments like that as well. The repition was when they kept getting different people to say "just flip, click and go!".
    3. I didnt think this commercial needed much improvement except for when Val was talking you couldn't really hear her but other then that the video was great.
    4. I liked the different examples they used to show what you could capture with the flip camera and how they got so many different people to say "just click, flip & go!".

  10. 1. I believe that this commercial did a great job advertising the camera and all the different occasions for its use.
    2. The group used ethos, logos and pathos. By using the principle and the best buy employee were both when ethos was in place but, it can also be seen as logos when the best buy employee was shown to prove the camera is a great tool. It appealed to pathos when it showed the birthday party and when the teacher won one million dollars.
    3. There was alot of background noise that could have been taken out or covered up by music.
    4. I really liked when they used the real life examples because it makes you feel like you can use it when there is a "kodak moment".

  11. 1. The Flip Video group did an excellent job in advertising their product in this commercial.

    2. When the Best Buy Employee spoze highly of the flip video camera the group demonstrated logos while pathos was also displayed by using a video shot from a flip video camera was shown in the commercial.

    3. Sometime backround noise made it difficult to hear.

    4. I enjoyed the constant use of the logo, "flip, click & go."

  12. 1) This group did a great job advertising the flip video camera.
    2) Credibility was established with the Best Buy employee and they also used logos when they told us how to use the flip video.
    3) When Val was talking it was really hard to hear her but other than that the video was great.
    4) The scene with Mr. A was funny.