"Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest."
- Dr. Seuss

Advertisement Project


Please view the follwowing commercials. After viewing each one, post a comment discussing:

1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.

2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.

3. suggestions for improvement.

4. a positive comment about the commercial.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pd. 2 - Pillow Pets


  1. 1. I think that the commercial advertised the product very well and could convince anyone to buy a Pillow Pet.
    2. There was repetition in saying "Pillow Pet!" which made having a Pillow Pet seem very exciting and a great thing to have. Also, having Angela reject other Pillow Pet-like pillows made Pillow Pets look like the perfect solution to her dilemma.
    3. The commercial was really good and fun to watch and my only suggestion would be to add music but the commercial was really good either way.
    4. I loved the Target employee. She was vital in Nick's search for a Pillow Pet.

  2. 1. I think this group did a good job advertising Pillow Pets.
    2. The commercial evoked empathy in viewers by describing the pain a person felt after waking up without a pillow pet, since most people have experienced that same pain.
    3. Maybe the group could have said more about pillow pets rather than only showing clips, but I think this commercial was still very well done.
    4. This commercial was extremely random and entertaining.

  3. 1. I believe this commercial advertised the pillow pet extremly well and made them look extremly useful.

    2. The shouting of 'Pillow Pets'! displayed repetition while pathos was used with the story at the beginning about neck pains before the pillow pet. Also showing that Pillow Pets are sold in Target would persuade a person to purchase one considering they are all over. Target is an extremly well known and wide store.

    3. Maybe a bit more description on the Pillow Pets and why they are better than the rejected items.

    4. This was extremly entertaining and hysterical to watch.

  4. 1. I think that the group’s commercial did a very good job at advertising the Pillow Pet.
    2. When Angela would not settle for any other pillow besides a real Pillow Pet it made me feel very strongly as well that I should not settle for any other pillow besides a Pillow Pet. Also, the repetitions of the phrase “Pillow Pet!” made me excited and want my own Pillow Pet.
    3. While all of the clips in Target were very funny and entertaining, and the information was given about the price, I think this group could have included a little more information describing the Pillow Pet, such as the reasons they were better than all of the other pillows.
    4. My favorite parts of this commercial would have to be the parts toward the end where they were interacting with the pillow pet as if it was a real pet, although I don’t know any people who have snowball fights even with their real pets. I thought those scenes were very funny.

  5. 1. I think the group advertised the pillow pets very well.
    2. The group used repetition when jeanne said "pillow pet." The group also used an anecdote about neck and back pain in the beginning.
    3. The commercial was really funny and creative but maybe using backround music would have had n impact.
    4. The commercial was really entertaing and showed alot of reasons why you should buy a pillow pet. It was so funny.

  6. 1. I think the group did a good job advertising pillow pets.
    2. The commercial had repetition of the slogan "pillow pet" which sticks in the viewers mind. The commercial also evoked sympathy when refering to the neck and back pain.
    3. The group could have given additional information on the product.
    4. I think the group was very creative, I was entertained throughout the whole commercial.