"Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest."
- Dr. Seuss

Advertisement Project


Please view the follwowing commercials. After viewing each one, post a comment discussing:

1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.

2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.

3. suggestions for improvement.

4. a positive comment about the commercial.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pd. 3 - Blackberry


  1. 1. I think the video advertised the product very well.
    2. This video appealed to logos because it shows how much easier and more convenient life is with a blackberry, so why would one not want to purchase one?
    3. For improvement, I suggest applying more persuasive appeals.
    4. I thought the commercial was very funny and kept the viewer's attention.

  2. 1.I thinm the commercial advertised the product very well.
    2.They appealed to emotion with pathos. They showed how you could miss an important event if you don't have the Blackberry.
    3.They could use more examples of why people need the Blackberry.
    4.this commercial was very funny and used good examples to persuade the viewer to buy the product.

  3. 1. I think the product was advertised very well in the commercial.
    2. This group used pathos by showing how significant events and memorable moments in one's life could be missed if one doesn't have a Blackberry.
    3. As an improvement I would suggest using more scenarios to prove the point that Blackberrys are necessary in everyday life.
    4. This was a really good commercial and was very clever in the way they advertised the product.

  4. 1. I think the group advertised the product very effectively.
    2. The use of ethos in regards to husbands, not wanting to miss important events in theit lives, such as the birth of their child, pushes the consumer into thinking upon buying the product.
    3. I suggest using more situations in which possessing a Blackberry would be convenient.
    4. I thouhg thte commercial was very funny.

  5. 1. I think this group adverstised their product very well.
    2. This video used pathos by appealing to people's sense of humor, as well as by showing important moments people don't want to miss. It also used logos because the commercial showed how life would be easier with the blackberry.
    3. Use more strategies in the commercial and have other people discuss why the blackberry is neccessary.
    4. The commercial was very funny so it will make people want to watch it and go out and get the blackberry.

  6. 1. This ad did a sufficient job of advertising the blackberry.
    2. The ad appealed to pathos by showing how vital a blackberry can be for families that need instant communication with each other for the most important of life's events, such as having a baby. Logos was also used through showing how fast the blackberry's messaging is and therefore it is the best choice for a phone.
    3. I would recommend emphasizing other functions of the blackberry that would be useful for families in order to appeal more to the target group.
    4. This ad picked a perfect situation to show off the speed of the blackberry's messaging in comparison to other phones. It was also well acted out.

  7. 1. I think the commercial did a good job advertising the blackberry.
    2. The ad appealed to ethos by showing important moments in peoples lives that they do not want to miss, such as having a baby, and how effective bbm would be in getting the message faster.
    3. They could have shown other functions of the blackberry in order to appeal to a larger audience, not just families expecting a baby.
    4. The ad was very funny, and created a good scenario to show the speed of the blackberry.

  8. 1) The commercial advertised the product effectively.
    2) It appealed to logos because it showed how the connection is faster with a blackberry, ensuring you won't miss out on anything.
    3) Use more diverse scenarios
    4) The video was very humorous and creative.

  9. 1. I felt the advertisement did very well in showing the appealing nature of the Blackberry.
    2, By fcusing on how Blackberry's speed will allow you to not miss those special moments, such as childberth, the advertisement appealed to pathos and the audience's emotions.
    3. Although appealing very well to the targeted audience i felt this audience is very narrow and perhaps other clips could have been included to widen the targeted groups.
    4. The idea behind the ad is extremely creative and the before and after (if you had a Blackberrry) were humorous.

  10. 1) In my opinion, the commercial effectively advertised the product.
    2) The commercial appealed to pathos by giving the audience an idea that special moments are valuable and should not be missed. Therefore by owning a Blackberry, these special moments will not be lost.
    3) The commercial could have been improved by showing other situations where owning a Blackberry would be advantagous in contrast to just showing a family expecting a child.
    4) The commercial was well acted and the before and after was also a great idea.

  11. 1. I think they promoted the product very well.
    2. I think the commercial applied to pathos showing what one could miss without the fast response times of the Blackberry.
    3. They couldve explained more about how easy the blackberry is to use, or about BBM
    4. I liked the idea of the husband missing his wife giving birth with the regular phone.

  12. 1. This commercial was very effective at advertising the blackberry.
    2. It applied to pathos by showing that people could miss big milestones in their lives without the blackberry.
    3.One suggestion is to explain more about the product to the audience.
    4. It was a very clever idea and very funny!

  13. 1. In my opinion, this commercial advertised their product very well.
    2. This commercial appeals to pathos because it shows that you are risking missing very important events in your life by not owning a blackberry. It also appeals to logos because it explains by the blackberry is the smart choice for a phone sue to its fast response time.
    3. I would suggest using more examples, or describing the product in more detail.
    4. I found this commercial humorous and creative.

  14. 1. This group was very successful in advertising the blackberry.
    2. The commercial applied to pathos, because it showed how necessary a blackberry would be in case of emergency.
    3. I think that the group should have explained a few more advantages to having a blackberry; rather than just being fast.
    4. I think the commercial was very clever and well thought out.

  15. 1. It was clear that the advertisement was for the blackberry and it was advertised well.
    2. The commercial appealed to pathos because no one would want to miss the birth of their child. Showing that the blackberry sent a message quickly could make people want to buy it.
    3. The commercial could have been improved by showing more reasons why the blackberry is helpful.
    4. The commercial was humorous and clever.

  16. 1.I thought the blackberry was advertised very well in this commercial.
    2.It appealed to pathos because it was funny and it appealed to a milestone in a family's life that they wouldn't want to miss.
    3.The commercial could've been improved by showing different capabilities of the blackberry.
    4.The commercial was very original.

  17. The blackberry was advrtisd very well in their commercial. Humor was used throughout and appealed to pathos. Also it appealed to a special moment in a family's life that should not be missed. Th commercial could have mentioned other advantages of the blackbery. I loved the commercial and thought it was really funny!

  18. 1. I think the commercial was really good.

    2. they appealed to emotions by having a guy miss his child's birth because of a slow phone

    3. I think it was really good, I'm not sure I'd change anything, except maybe adding more examples of things the blackberry does better

    4. It was hilarious and it made a point

  19. 1. This commercial did a phenomenal job in advertising this product very effectively.
    2. The advertisement mainly appealed to ethos because of the before and after effects of having a blackberry which shows that certain important events or moments may be missed if one did not have a blackberry.
    3. I would probably suggest in adding more information about the blackberry such as its payment plans and reliable network.
    4. The commercial was very humourous and original. I also applaud the commercial for the group's great acting and very organized script.

  20. 1. I think that this commercial did a great job in advertising the BlackBerry.
    2. The commercial manly used pathos because it appeals to the viewers emotion through humor.
    3. I suggest that there be music added to connect the commercial more cohesively.
    4. I thought the commercial overall was very funny and well thought out.