"Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest."
- Dr. Seuss

Advertisement Project


Please view the follwowing commercials. After viewing each one, post a comment discussing:

1. how well you think the commercial advertised the product.

2. persuasive appeals/rhetorical strategies/devices/elements utilized in the commercial.

3. suggestions for improvement.

4. a positive comment about the commercial.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pd. 2-LeBron Sneakers


  1. 1. This group successfully advertised its product by showing how one's basketball playing can improve by wearing LeBron sneakers.
    2. Credibility was established through the advertising by Dr. Dar and by the appearance of LeBron James himself.
    3. The group members could have spoken louder or more clearly.
    4. I liked the before and after shots of the basketball player.

  2. 1. I think this group advertised the product well because it showed how one's basketball skills were improved by the sneakers.
    2. They appealed to pathos by saying how it makes you more comfortable while playing, it also established ethos by having the sneaker endorsed by LeBron James and Dr. Dar.
    3. I agree with Vicky, it was a little hard to hear the group members speaking.
    4.I liked the input of Dr. Dar.

  3. 1. The commercial advertised the product very well and was very convincing.
    2. This commercial appealed to ethos because it established credibility by having Dr. Dar explain the benefits of the shoe. Also, having LeBron James endorse his own sneakers helped to persuade basketball players to buy the shoes.
    3. The commercial was very good however, it was difficult to hear what the people were saying.
    4. The basketball player showing how the shoes help him play made the commercial very good.

  4. 1.) I thought the commercial did a good job advertising the product. Although I don't want to buy a pair, I can see why people would. They seem really awesome.

    2.) Ethos was used heavily in the commercial. Both Dr. Dar and LeBron James endorsed the product, and both have a lot of credibility. The shots of Cameron shooting the ball wearing these sneakers evokes emotion in the viewer saying, "Wow! If I get those sneakers then I can do that too!". This appeals to pathos. Finally, logos is used in all the Dr. Dar says.

    3.) I think the commercial can be improved by making Dr. Dar instead an NBA Coach saying that he encourages his players to wear them. This would be more persuasive in my opinion.

    4.) I thought the action shots of Cameron playing basketball were cool.

  5. 1. This commercial advertised the sneakers well with the scenes of basketball and description of the LeBron shoes.

    2. There was credibility in the commercial becasue of the Dr. explaining how the sneakers will improve basketball skills and also LeBron's support of the shoes.

    3. Like the others, I think they should have made the volume a little louder.

    4. The 2 different shots of basketball, before and after wearing the shoes was a good idea to advertise the sneakers.

  6. 1) I think the commercial was advertised very well and it encourages people to buy the LeBron sneakers.

    2) Credibility was established through Dr. Dar and LeBron approving the message. This persuades the viewers to buy the sneakers. By demonstrating how a basketball player's performance increases by wearing the sneakers, encourages viewers to buy the sneakers.

    3) I agree with Nick that an NBA coach stating all the positives of wearing the sneakers would be more persuasive. But other than that it was great.

    4) I thought it was a good idea to demonstrate how the sneakers improve the player's performance.

  7. 1. This commercial advertised the LeBron sneakers well. Showing a basketball player wearing them and making the baskets shows viewers that they are good sports sneakers.

    2. The main appeal used here was ethos. Dr. Dar, the basketball player, and even Lebron James were shown either talking about or wearing the sneakers. These people make the commercial more persuasive and establish credibility.

    3. Besides the sound quality the commercial was great.

    4. The action shots of the basketball player made the commercial more exciting and demonstrated proof that skilled athletes wear these sneakers.

  8. 1. I think the commercial advertised the sneakers very well. By using the examples and endorsement, it made the sneakers and what they do very ligitimate.
    2. This group used logos, pathos and ethos. They gave statistics, used credability by having the doctor and lebron advertise it, and used pathos by saying and showing that you will get better at basketball if you wear them.
    3. The talking was a little low and sometimes you couldnt understand what they were saying, but other than that they portrayed the product well.
    4. I liked the before and after shots of the basketball player and the rhetorical questions they used.

  9. 1. In my opinion, this commercial did a fantastic job in advertising the sneakers.
    2. The group made appeals to logos ethos and pathos. it made appeals to logos when Dr. Dar spoke and Lebron made his appearance. It appealed to pathos by making the viewer think that with this pair of shoes you will become a better basketball player.
    3. After the first shot, when justin spoke it was very low.
    4. I liked the fact that lebron stopped by.

  10. 1. This commercial did extremely well advertising these sneakers.

    2. The group appealed to pathos, logos and ethos when questioing the audience about their desire to be successful in basketball, Dr. Dar establishing his credibility for the sneakers when he spoke first hand about their uniqueness and also by demonstrating how the sneakers truly improve your game after a successful demonstration.

    3. WHen filming someone shooting you could hear Justin indicate when to start.

    4. I really enjoyed how "Lebrown James" made a special appearance at the end.

  11. 1. The group did a great job of advertising the sneakers.

    2. The group appealed to ethos, by establishing credibility through the use of "experts" like Dr. Dar and Lebron James.

    3. There were some problems with the volume and sometimes I couldn't make out what they were saying.

    4. The shots of the basketball player before and after wearing the shoes was a really good idea.